how much a kitchen renovation cost

How Much a Kitchen Renovation Cost? First Step in Planning On Kitchen Renovation

To keep a house in good condition, maintenance and sometimes renovation need to be done. The kitchen is a room that you have to renovate to keep its well-being. In that case, how much a kitchen renovation cost?

A kitchen is a part of the house that you always use. However, as you always use the utensils and applicants, they’re vulnerable to get broken. In that case, you may need to renovate your kitchen.

Still, if you want to renovate the kitchen, you should think about the budget first. After all, kitchen renovation cost not little of money. So, how much money you can spend to renovate the kitchen of yours?

Why You Should Renovate The Kitchen

Before talking about the renovation cost, let’s talk about the importance of kitchen renovation. Though it costs a lot of money, people still renovate their kitchen anyway. So, there must be important reasons for that. And here are some reasons.

1. Kitchen Start To Deteriorating

When you use a kitchen for a long time, it’s no wonder that there are applicants that show a sign of deterioration. If you still use them then it will truly break down. 

Using a deteriorating kitchen, of course, won’t be satisfying and only become an obstacle. That is why you need to renovate the kitchen. 

2. Get a Fresh Appearance

Sometimes, people want to renovate the kitchen because it’s boring to have the same kitchen all of this time. The change in the kitchen’s appearance can affect one’s happiness and well-being.  And in an indirect way, it also affects health.

3. Increase the Value

Rather than an outdated kitchen, a brand new and modern kitchen surely has more value. If you intend to sell your house someday, then renovate your kitchen may be a wise idea. After all, a kitchen condition will affect the buyer’s decision.

The Cost of Kitchen Renovation

After you decide to renovate your kitchen, you should calculate how much a kitchen renovation cost. This should be done so you can adjust your budget well. By having the cost calculated you can avoid buying meaningless things and keep your budget in check.

Generally, the cost of renovating the kitchen is about $12,000 to $34,000. The bigger your kitchen then the more money you need to spend to renovate it. 

For a small kitchen, the average cost to renovate it is $5,000 to $20,000. As for a large kitchen, you can spend $30,000 to $60,000 as a cost to renovate it. 

The kitchen renovation cost covers all of the renovations elements such as design fees, installation, appliances, and ventilation, cabinetry and hardware, countertops, lighting, flooring, doors, and windows, wall, and ceilings, faucet, and plumbing, and the other.

Most of the budget will go to the cabinetry and hardware, while the least go to the other elements that may come unpredicted. For the cabinetry only you can spend about $6,000. And for the installation, it costs about $4,000. 

Renovation of the kitchen may not an urgent matter however you have to do it. Before you start to renovate your kitchen, first, you should determine how much a kitchen renovation cost. Then after that, let’s renovate your kitchen.

storage ideas for toys in living room

Storage Ideas For Toys in Living Room You Can Make

Having kids in the house means being ready to have toys and games everywhere in the house. Because toys and kids are two things that can’t be separated. However, some people just need the house clean and neat. If you are one of these people, then make storage where the kids can easily get the toys. Therefore, after playing with the toys, they can put the toys back into the storage. Choose some storage ideas for toys in living room that can make the house look pretty but also safe for kids.

Kids love to play with other people, therefore it is better to also make storage in the living room. You can make storage that can be a place for the toys but also a decoration for the house. Many people must be thinking that adding storage will make the house full. And it will be pricey because they need to buy additional storage in the house. Well, don’t worry just with the storage in your house, you can make good storage. Here are some storage ideas for toys in living room that you can make in your house:

1. Shelves

If you have a book shelve in your house, why not make it toy storage for the living room. You can use the top side for books and the bottom part for the toys. To make it look pretty, you can put the toys in a pretty box. Then put the box on the bottom part of the shelves, so you can still use the other for books. This way you don’t need to add additional storage in your living room. And your house can still look clean and beautiful at the same time.

2. PVC Pipes for Cars

Smalls can be everywhere if you have a small boy in the house. One of the ways to keep your house neat is by making a PVC parking lot for cars. Cut PVC pipes into short pieces and pile them up into one. You can either glue them as one or gather them as one in a wood box. Then put the cars in each pipe to make it look neat. You can put this box in a corner of the house. This way, your toys lot will look like a decoration in the house.

3. Swing

Have many dolls in the house and don’t have any space to keep them? Well, try to make your storage swing hanging in the living room. All you need is some woods and a rope to combine the woods. After you combine them, put the dolls on the swing and to make it look neat.

4. Plastic Organizer

Another brilliant storage ideas for toys in living room is a plastic organizer. Usually, people use this for their accessories, but you can them for your kid’s toys. Put one toy in one plastic bag so you can get them easily. This idea is cheap but will make your toys clean and easy to get.

5. Buckets

The next cheap idea that you can use for toy storage is plastic buckets. Rather than using them in the bathroom, you can make them put your kid’s toys. Buy a few buckets and make them one to make it more artistic. To make it more pretty, buy different colors of buckets to combine.

So, making your house neat from toys doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Choose simple and easy storage ideas for toys in living room that you can make on your own. Also, try to maximize the things in your house rather than buying one.

hidden storage ideas for kitchen

5 Interesting Hidden Storage Ideas For Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the important parts of the house because we spend our valuable time there. Therefore, all of us may want the best for our kitchen including the design and storage. However, sometimes we don’t have enough space to store the equipment and kitchen tool. On the other hand, we usually put the tool in random that makes our kitchen look messy and dirty. Although we have many tools in the kitchen, we also want to have an organized kitchen. Therefore, you need to apply the hidden storage ideas for the kitchen.

1. Hidden Trash Insides The Table

We usually need trash in the kitchen. Although the trash is almost the worst thing in the kitchen, we may not deny that trash has an important role. However, we cannot miss the trash inside the kitchen but we can conduct some tricks to make us comfortable with the trash. What we need to do is hiding the trash inside the table. Indeed, we cannot just put the trash inside, but we need to give cover to make it more organized.

2. Best Secret Place For Keys Behind The Photo

Usually, we face difficulties in hiding the keys. Keys are easy to lose and also hard to find if you lose it. Therefore, we need to store it in the right place which is safe and easy to remember. Indeed, many places in our house that are enough to save the key because the key is small. However, we must choose one place which is the best place like behind the photo. If you have a photo in your house, then, give additional space between the photo and the wall. Then, add a hook as the storage place for the keys.

3. Hidden Space of Paper Towel On The Table

Sometimes, we might confuse the best place to store the paper towel. Therefore, you should try the hidden storage ideas for the kitchen to save your paper towel. You should create a hidden holder under the table. It will be the best places for the paper towel which can make your kitchen organize. On the other hand, you will always remember this special place of the paper towel in the kitchen. However, you should make sure that the holder is removable. Therefore, you might not confuse about how to change and refill the paper towel.

4. Simply Hidden Counter Garbage of Food

Except for the big trash in the kitchen, we usually also need the counter garbage of food. The counter garbage can make it easy to trash the residue of cut vegetables or others. We might create counter garbage under the table and give a space for it. it will be very useful for us who like cooking so much. You will easy to cut and trash the residue without movement.

We can conduct and create anything like hidden storage ideas for the kitchen to make the kitchen organize and clean. The hidden storage means more than we can expect. Our kitchen will look better without messy things.

Fun or Profit – You Can’t Have Both

Whenever you stroll into a gambling club, pause for a moment to watch everybody you see. Stroll by a full craps table to check whether everybody appears as though they’re having a ton of fun. At that point, stroll by a poker table to check whether anybody appears as though they’re having a ball. Who do you believe is playing for the sake of entertainment or who is playing for benefit?

Club do numerous things intended to cause nature to appear to be a great deal of fun, since individuals who’re having some good times are bound to remain longer, bet more, and lose more. This is one of the greatest promoting plans that club use.

The explanation I referenced strolling past a poker table is on the grounds that it tosses somewhat of a wrench into the enjoyment condition. Some poker tables are loaded up with players having a great time, while others are loaded up with players who act like they’re at a memorial service. What’s the distinction between the two sorts of poker tables?

The poker table that seems as though a gathering for the most part has a couple of players who’ve been drinking and are more keen on visiting and making wisecracks than focusing on the game. The table where everybody hushes up is where most players are focusing on the activity and searching for an edge.

In case you’re a genuine poker player and need to locate a beneficial table, discover one that appears as though they’re hosting a get-together. You can make a decent measure of benefit since you’re the just one attempting to win.

Consider it. On the off chance that gambling clubs lost cash, they’d rapidly leave business. For club to bring in cash, players need to lose cash. The stunt is that club make card sharks believe they’re having a fabulous time while they lose.

Does this mean you can’t have a great time while you bet and still wind up winning? This is what you’re preparing to realize.

The Choice You Have to Make

The straightforward answer is you need to pick between having a fabulous time while you bet and winning while you bet. This is the means by which you have to act until you figure out how to win. When you figure out how to win, you can begin having a fabulous time once more.

Regardless of whether you’ve never thought it completely through, you realize that most card sharks lose more than they win. Club wouldn’t exist if this wasn’t valid. However, there are a little level of players that have made sense of how to win more than they lose. This is the gathering of card sharks you need to join.

It is difficult to figure out how to be a triumphant speculator, and it’s much harder to keep doing what you have to do to win. The easy route is to play the games the gambling club offers in the manner they need you to play them and keep losing. This is the way most card sharks play.

The uplifting news is, you can settle on a decision about which sort of card shark you need to be. It may be offending to certain individuals to hear this, however most card sharks are apathetic. They’re too lethargic to even consider finding out how to beat the club and too apathetic to even consider doing anything about changing the manner in which they bet. Be that as it may, you don’t need to be apathetic, and you don’t need to be a losing speculator.

You have to settle on the decision among winning and losing at this moment. Don’t simply continue examining this page and disregard the force you have as a card shark. On the off chance that you settle on the decision to be a champ, I can assist you with beginning. In any case, in the event that you don’t settle on a decision, it’s a similar thing as deciding to be a losing speculator.

The capacity to settle on a decision is an amazing thing. Settling on the decision to be a triumphant player tells your psyche and subliminal that you can win; you should simply make sense of how to do it.

Deciding to Win

Since you’ve decided to be a triumphant card shark, you have to disregard having a ton of fun. Your new position is figuring out how to win and functioning at it until you do. Here’s the manner by which you begin.

You’ve just made the most significant stride, choosing to quit messing around and begin taking the necessary steps to win. Back this up with 100% commitment and finish and you can’t lose.

The following most significant advance is finding the correct vehicle to take you from a losing card shark to a triumphant speculator. You can’t simply pick any vehicle, or pick the one you like the best, or the one that is most straightforward to get in. These decisions lead to disappointment. You need to pick the correct vehicle. Right now, vehicle is a game or betting movement. A few vehicles essentially can’t take you where you need to go.

For Example:

Envision confronting a precarious slope with grooves and mud and stones all over the place and you have the decision of a major four-wheel-drive truck or a Lamborghini. The Lamborghini is worth more, it costs more, is better looking, and in pretty much every way, it would appear that an extraordinary decision.

In any case, it is highly unlikely it can get you to the highest point of the slope as flawlessly as the other decision. The main genuine alternative is the four-wheel-drive truck. On the off chance that you needed to get starting with one spot then onto the next along a cleared expressway, the Lamborghini is the best decision, yet you’re attempting to find a workable pace of a slope.

The rundown of games and betting exercises that won’t get you to the highest point of the slope is long. The rundown of games and exercises that can take you to the top is little. You need to pick something from the short rundown or your objective is bound before you start.

Here’s a rundown of gambling club games that won’t take you to the top:

Slot machines




Three-Card Poker

Allow It To ride

Mississippi Stud

Four-Card Poker




Here’s a rundown of gambling club games that can take you to the top:



Wagering on sports, ponies, or canines

Pick something from the short rundown and devote your life to acing it. It may take a very long time to turn into an ace, however once you do, the benefit begin streaming your direction. A few players go through years attempting to ace their aptitudes and still come up short. They surrender before they figure out how to win. Never surrender.

The most effective method to Have Fun and Win

One you settle on a decision to change, pick the correct vehicle, and put in the work required to figure out how to win, you can begin contemplating having some good times while you bet once more. It’s constantly enjoyable to win, however it’s an alternate sort of enjoyment than losing speculators have.

On the off chance that you need to be a triumphant player, you need to do things a specific way. This implies you need to focus and think enough to consistently make the best plays.

At the point when you attempt to have a great time like most card sharks, you begin committing errors. Errors cost you cash, so you need to maintain a strategic distance from them however much as could be expected.

You can prepare your psyche to complete two things simultaneously. An ace card counter can keep the tally, settle on the correct playing choices, and convey a discussion with the seller or pit chief or different players all simultaneously.

A decent poker player can watch the game, use sound judgment, and chat with different players at the table simultaneously. In any case, it’s practically difficult to continue doing these things while you’re figuring out how to ace your picked betting action in a proficient manner. Disregard enjoyment until you’re an ace. When you’re an ace, you can let a little enjoyment creep again into betting.


In case you’re not a triumphant speculator, it’s an ideal opportunity to settle on a decision. You can’t have both in light of the fact that being a triumphant player initially expects you to build up your aptitudes. To start with, you need to pick between having a great time and losing or overlooking enjoyment and focus on winning. When you begin winning, at that point you can include some enjoyment once more into your betting experience, simply don’t go over the edge. Master88 is a agent that you can try on, they known as a kind agent that giving welcome bonus first deposit 100%. If you want to have fun while gambling, master88 who is a slot online uang asli site is a number one choice. You wont lose anything, because the fact they giving you welcome bonus first deposit 100%. So try it and visit the page for playing and having fun!

cheap living room decorating ideas

6 Cheap Living Room Decorating Ideas You Should Try

Decorating a living room is not hard to do. If you have some artistic senses, it could be a fun activity. But sometimes the problem is about the budget. Hence, you need to find some cheap living room decorating ideas so it doesn’t cost you too much. And you are lucky. Here are 6 ideas you can try to make your living room feels more comfortable and pleasant. Let’s check it out!

1. Use Recycled Vase and Artificial Flower

Buying a new vase maybe not too expensive. But what is wrong if you can do it yourself with the recycled material? Utilize an old mug is a good choice, so it is a bamboo piece.

Then, put the artificial flower into the vase. It would last longer. Using a real flower will require you to change it as soon as it is withered. So, you know how much you will spend on the flower.

2. Put Family Photos

Family photos are decent things to expose in the living room. You can take a picture of all family members then print it on the large size. The picture from the special moment is also a good idea. The wedding or graduation photos are common to put.

Just give it a frame and hang it on the nail. Not only one moment, but you can also put some of the different moments. However, still consider the layout so that it doesn’t mess.

3. Put a Painting or Calligraphy

Besides photos, you can also put a painting or calligraphy as a wall decoration. Landscape painting, such as the rice field or waterfall could give a calm impression. Yet, you can also put the abstract painting if you don’t like the landscape one.

For you who prefer writing art as decoration, calligraphy is the answer. Not just ordinary writing, in calligraphy the writing could be shaped to any form. Bored with Latin letters? Just try the Arabic or Japanese calligraphy.

4. Use Decorative Lights

There are many kinds of decorative lights you can use to adorn your living room. If you like modern things, a tree floor lamp may interest you. With a trunk and several branches that adjust the number of lights, it would look so aesthetic.

For you who want to give some more vintage impression, choose a chandelier that hung above the ceiling. The pendant type is also good. It is a little like the chandelier, but with a simpler design.

5. Put a Multifunctional Storage Cabinet 

You must not want your living room being messy by the pile of things. It is the purpose of putting a storage cabinet there. You can choose the place in the corner to make it looks more organized.

The storage cabinet doesn’t have to be big, but it should be multifunctional. Choose the one that has some doors and drawers. You can store some old magazines or books to reread. 

It is better if the storage cabinet also has some open rack. So, you can display something like souvenir glass, decorative urn or any other handmade.

6. Use Waterproof Tablecloth

Anything could happen on the table. One of the most possible is the spilled water. Therefore, sure it would be easier for you to clean it if the tablecloth is waterproof. Plastic is a common material. But there is PVC that also waterproof.

This is the example of the cheap living room decorating ideas. But don’t feel like it would look cheap as the price. Nowadays, there are tablecloths with any theme you can choose to help your table looks more elegant.

The cheap living room decorating ideas are around us. And the ideas above could inspire you to actualize your dream living room. Happy decorating!

best nursery storage ideas

Best Nursery Storage Ideas To Welcome Your Baby

Having a baby should be the best gift from God for their parents. But they will take a lot of areas in your house because they will need so much stuff. They will have so many toys in your family room, bedroom, or somewhere else. But you don’t have to be worried again because you can put it in calm storage. You can change the mess to become something good by following the best nursery storage ideas.

best nursery storage ideas

However, find cute nursery ideas is not as hard as you think but you should spend some money. But if you want to find a unique nursery, you can design it by yourself and then give it to the carpenter. The most important thing for your nursery is it can hold lots of stuff in the small area. Usually, they will use multilevel storage in their house. But let’s find other best nursery storage ideas you will love here. 

1. Recolor and Repurpose an Old Dresser

When you want to try to find the best nursery storage ideas but did not have some money, you can use the old one. You can search for something you already have in your warehouse and decorate it. For example, you can use your old dresser and recolor it. After that, add some decor on the top of it, then you can use it as a table. Also, you will get three drawers of storage space to save your space where you can put that all in.

2. Hide Things Under Crib

When you want to have a simple room with less furniture, then you can focus on decorating it. Put your stuff under the crib, it will make your stuff can’t see from the outside. Add some wall stickers to make it warmer and put a bright color on it. Above all, put flowers sticker with many colors will be the best choice. You can still get the nursery storage but didn’t lose any aspect of its beauty.

3. Use Hanging Storage

Having a baby should be a mess for you because you should be ready to have more stuff on your house. Sometimes it will make you confused about where to put them because you don’t have any storage yet. But, you can use floating shelves in one wall part of the house. You don’t need to spend a lot of money because you can make it yourself. Just buy several pieces of wood and then rafts and nails it, add some color if you need it.

4. Made Their Toys as Decoration

When your kids had a lot of toys, it can also help you to decorate your house well. You can make it as the decoration stuff while you put it in the right storage. However, you can save them all on the glass cabinet if you have one of them. But you can also find cute nursery using small iron and then raft it becomes a rack. After that, just recolor it with pink, soft blue, or something else.

These are some of the best nursery storage ideas we can give to you. You don’t need to worry about having a lot of stuff when you had children. Because you can search use all of them as decorate stuff as long as you can make it match.

how to decorate a long living room

Clever Ideas Of How To Decorate A Long Living Room

Decorating a room is an interesting project. But some people get confused once they have a wide size. One of the common problems is the long living room. Because, surely, everybody wants a warm inside that room, not like gathering in a hallway. Don’t be worry, you are still able to create an intimate ambiance. For those who don’t have a square room, this article will help you how to decorate a long living room into a comfortable place.

how to decorate a long living room

You might not need to follow exactly what we mention below. You can adjust based on your current condition and your taste. The living room also should be a cozy spot, because it is where you spend most of the time while at home. One thing for sure, just because you have a long room, you put a lot of furniture inside. To ease your concept, see how to decorate a long living room below:

1. Create Zones

The benefit of having a wide room is you can create zones. Now, plan the open-spaces, such as the reading spot, study area, TV zone, and many more. If you still feel empty, you can add the wall-to-wall bookshelves. Or, you can set the furniture to separate each area. By placing the furniture as the divider, you can create people’s flow too.

2. Set the L- or U- Seating Are

Here you are free to set up the seating position. You can arrange the sofa for the L- or U- shape. When you make the L-shape, choose the right corner sofa. This really uses the long space inside the room. While for the U-shape, make sure there is an object as the center, such as the TV. By setting this layout, you also create a path along with the room.

3. Make a Strong Center

Remember as we mentioned at first, just because you have a wide room, it doesn’t mean you fill in the whole area. For the minimalist concept, you can play with a middle. It means that place all things are right in the middle. However, you cannot let the other space is dead. Set the room symmetrically and add things for the sides, such as a big window or a fireplace.

4. Lighting Creativity

One of the important elements of a room is lighting. No matter how big your room, lighting plays a vital role there. Lighting makes the room feels alive. For the long living room, you can set two or three larger lamps with the same design. Then, you add more little lamps that bring a dim sensation. Don’t put all the glass lamps. Be creative by mixing the design and material.

5. Use Color and Pattern

Actually, using different colors and patterns could differentiate the zones too. Also, sometimes a wide living room has a high ceiling. Here you can play with the colors as the trick. Painting the wall with neutral or soft colors will make your room more comfortable. While for the high ceiling, you can use a darker one to make it warmer.

Having a long living room gives you a different challenge. While for everyone who only has limited space, they have to struggle with that area. Hopefully, our tips above about how to decorate a long living room could give you inspiration. So, you won’t feel awkward in the middle of that huge space.

Nursery paint ideas neutral

Nursery Paint Ideas Neutral, Choose The Right Color To Welcome The Baby

Soon, there will be a baby in your life. But for now, you still don’t know whether your baby is a girl or boy. So, what should you do for the nursery? What is the color that matches both genders? That’s right. It is a neutral color. When painting the nursery with a neutral color, whether your baby boy or girl won’t be a problem. These colors match all gender. And so, for you who will welcome your child, here are nursery paint ideas neutral. 

Nursery paint ideas neutral

1. A Combination of Grey, Red, and Coral

Choosing a neutral nursery sometimes can be confusing. That’s why with the nursery paint ideas neutral, you won’t be confused anymore. When you don’t know yet what is the gender of your baby, you can use a neutral color to paint the nursery. Try to choose the combination of grey, red and coral.

For a more artistic look, make them into a pattern. Explore your creativity to make the nursery become lovely and gentle. And don’t forget to feature the neutral color furniture.

2. Grassy Green

Do you love earthling colors? Well, this color is suited for your baby’s nursery. Regardless of the baby gender, this grassy green will be looking good. The tone of green and grey will give a masculine vibe. But with the shading of yellow color, you can add femininity to the nursery. This will make it neutral and matched both genders.

3. A, B, C So Good

There are many nursery paint ideas neutral that will well match to your baby. One of them is sticking the alphabet to the wall. This multicolors sticker looks so adorable on the wall. Alongside with the stuffed animals and other toys, it becomes better. With this alphabet sticker, you can create a simple yet adorable nursery.

4. Monochrome

Black and white are often associated with the color of the adult. But who is saying that these colors can’t be used for a baby? The monochrome color with bold pattern will make the room look modern and stylish. Do not afraid of choosing this high contrast color for your nursery for it will look well for both genders. But you can make it more adorable by adding a bold shade with yellow or red color.

5. Soft Yellow 

Looking for a color for your baby nursery? Why don’t go with soft yellow? Long a long time this color has been favorite for the parents. Soft yellow can be calming and warm. And for the parents who wait for the surprise of the baby’s born, soft yellow color is well suited for the nursery. That’s because this color is a very peaceful and fashionable color.

6. Go for Colorful with A Map

If you can not decide the color for the nursery, just go for multicolors. But then, just paint the nursery in the colors may be a little plain. So, instead of just painting use the colors to draw a world map in the room. Bet it will look very cool for both girls and boys.

If you still don’t know the gender of your baby, just choose off the nursery paint ideas neutral. With the neutral color whether your baby is a girl or boy, it will suit well for the baby. Let’s enjoy painting the nursery to welcome the baby.

Best Galley Kitchen Design Ideas, The Way to Make best kitchen

Kitchen galley is one of the kitchens’ favorite style. It is well-suited for a small house as it’s compact and does not require a large space. Although small, there are tricks to make kitchen galley looks more lovely. And that’s the design. So, let’s take a peek at best galley kitchen design ideas.

1. Smooth Galley Kitchen

For the kitchen which has a small size, sleek modern unit is a good choice. It is because the glossy kitchen cabinets will give an impact on more space. As the kitchens’ size is small, choose the handless cupboard to keep minimal area.

The minimalist yet streamlined galley kitchen is the best side of this design idea. Everything that exists in the kitchen has to be a minimalist. That including the worktops that free from the mess and the integrating appliances.

2.”Eat in” Galley Kitchen

Want to know the best galley kitchen design ideas that suit your room the most? Then, why don’t you look at the eat-in galley kitchen? Be it a small or large kitchen, this galley kitchen is suited it.  That’s because it maximizes the space and its potential. 

It is called eat-in galley kitchen for there is a breakfast bar in the entrance. And so, after finish cooks breakfast, you can bring it to the bar. After that, you can eat your food calmly in the narrow space if your kitchen.

3. Two-Tone Galley Kitchen

Most of the galley kitchen has one color for the cabinet and shelves. That’s because one color makes your kitchen seems bigger. But it’s worth to try something new. It is a two-tone galley kitchen. 

You can try to mix light and dark tones in your kitchen. Keep it in a similar color to make it cooler. And don’t forget to add a cabinet with a mirror to give an impression of more space. With that, at least you will not feel cramped when going to the kitchen.

4. Single Galley Kitchen

Usually, the galley kitchen consists of two cabinets that face each other. But for a small kitchen, the arrange of the cabinet will take up space. As a result, the kitchen will feel cramped. So, single galley kitchen is the best galley kitchen design ideas for a small kitchen 

As the cabinet is just on one side, you can make use of the free space for storage and the light. Choose a pale color for your galley kitchen. And with the reflective surface, the skylight will go to maximum power.

5. All White Galley

For the kitchen which has a small space, all white galley can be the right design of the galley kitchen. Although white is the basic color, in the right hand it can be such dazzling color. It can make your kitchen look bright. And with some ornaments such as soft voile, foliage, and small appliance, your galley kitchen will be seen as a simple but practical kitchen.

As an important part of the house, the kitchen design must plan rather carefully. Choosing from the best galley kitchen design ideas will make you feel comfortable when going to the kitchen. So, what kind of design ideas will you choose?

where to start when renovating a kitchen

Where To Start When Renovating A Kitchen? Here’s The Guidance

The kitchen is an important part of the house because you do all the activities in processing and preparing food here. Therefore, it is reasonable for you if you want to renovate your kitchen to be more for. However, you must know about where to start when renovating a kitchen.

where to start when renovating a kitchen

You should do this to avoid you from changing things that are not important and efficient in your kitchen. By knowing where to start when renovating a kitchen so you can prepare it better. Let’s follow these steps to if you want to start off renovating your kitchen:

1. Prepare Yourself

Renovating the kitchen is not easy for you. This is because you have to prepare many things before renovating it. For example, you must know what is your goal to renovate your kitchen?

After that, you should be able to collaborate with your preferences with your ability to renovate the kitchen. For example, you must be able to ensure that your budget suits your needs. Or, you also need to know the right time to renovate your kitchen.

2. Determine Your Needs

You can determine the list of your needs for the kitchen that you are going to renovate. This you need to do to make your new kitchen function optimally and ideally. Of course, the kitchen needs list must contain the things you need, not just what you want.

For example, you can know your kitchen needs from knowing the style of cooking that you do every day. Besides, you also need to be able to measure the area of the kitchen.

3. Look for Design Inspiration

When you already know what you need in renovating your kitchen, then you can look for design inspiration. You have to determine what kitchen design or concept is most likely to suit you.

Design inspiration isn’t just about appearance, but you also need to look for ideas about storage. You need to look for specific elements that you like, such as ceramic tile motifs, kitchen cabinet models and others. This is useful for you to make a guide when choosing materials for kitchen renovation.

4. Determine the Budget

Where to start when renovating a kitchen is by determining the budget because renovation usually requires a lot of budgets. Material is one of the things that greatly affect the cost of renovating a kitchen. To find out the choice and price range of material, you can do a price survey.

Choose the best material because this makes your kitchen more durable. For example, tabletop with granite or solid surface material for quality materials in your kitchen. Although the price is more expensive, both of these materials are durable and not easily damaged.

5. Bring in The Pros

Designers can certainly help you formulate a good kitchen design for you. They will find out more about your needs and habits in the kitchen. They can realize the concept of your dream kitchen for the better. Most importantly, the designer will also anticipate all risk factors in the kitchen.

For example, they will coordinate with experts related to the installation of electricity, gas, and kitchen appliances. However, you must choose an interior design or a professional architect. They will renovate your kitchen to be more functional so that you are comfortable doing activities in the kitchen.

Now you know where to start when renovating a kitchen. There are 5 steps you can do so that you can successfully renovate your kitchen for the better. Also pay attention to lighting, flooring, paint, and even sinks to make your kitchen function optimally.