how to decorate a long living room

Clever Ideas Of How To Decorate A Long Living Room

Decorating a room is an interesting project. But some people get confused once they have a wide size. One of the common problems is the long living room. Because, surely, everybody wants a warm inside that room, not like gathering in a hallway. Don’t be worry, you are still able to create an intimate ambiance. For those who don’t have a square room, this article will help you how to decorate a long living room into a comfortable place.

how to decorate a long living room

You might not need to follow exactly what we mention below. You can adjust based on your current condition and your taste. The living room also should be a cozy spot, because it is where you spend most of the time while at home. One thing for sure, just because you have a long room, you put a lot of furniture inside. To ease your concept, see how to decorate a long living room below:

1. Create Zones

The benefit of having a wide room is you can create zones. Now, plan the open-spaces, such as the reading spot, study area, TV zone, and many more. If you still feel empty, you can add the wall-to-wall bookshelves. Or, you can set the furniture to separate each area. By placing the furniture as the divider, you can create people’s flow too.

2. Set the L- or U- Seating Are

Here you are free to set up the seating position. You can arrange the sofa for the L- or U- shape. When you make the L-shape, choose the right corner sofa. This really uses the long space inside the room. While for the U-shape, make sure there is an object as the center, such as the TV. By setting this layout, you also create a path along with the room.

3. Make a Strong Center

Remember as we mentioned at first, just because you have a wide room, it doesn’t mean you fill in the whole area. For the minimalist concept, you can play with a middle. It means that place all things are right in the middle. However, you cannot let the other space is dead. Set the room symmetrically and add things for the sides, such as a big window or a fireplace.

4. Lighting Creativity

One of the important elements of a room is lighting. No matter how big your room, lighting plays a vital role there. Lighting makes the room feels alive. For the long living room, you can set two or three larger lamps with the same design. Then, you add more little lamps that bring a dim sensation. Don’t put all the glass lamps. Be creative by mixing the design and material.

5. Use Color and Pattern

Actually, using different colors and patterns could differentiate the zones too. Also, sometimes a wide living room has a high ceiling. Here you can play with the colors as the trick. Painting the wall with neutral or soft colors will make your room more comfortable. While for the high ceiling, you can use a darker one to make it warmer.

Having a long living room gives you a different challenge. While for everyone who only has limited space, they have to struggle with that area. Hopefully, our tips above about how to decorate a long living room could give you inspiration. So, you won’t feel awkward in the middle of that huge space.