how much a kitchen renovation cost

How Much a Kitchen Renovation Cost? First Step in Planning On Kitchen Renovation

To keep a house in good condition, maintenance and sometimes renovation need to be done. The kitchen is a room that you have to renovate to keep its well-being. In that case, how much a kitchen renovation cost?

A kitchen is a part of the house that you always use. However, as you always use the utensils and applicants, they’re vulnerable to get broken. In that case, you may need to renovate your kitchen.

Still, if you want to renovate the kitchen, you should think about the budget first. After all, kitchen renovation cost not little of money. So, how much money you can spend to renovate the kitchen of yours?

Why You Should Renovate The Kitchen

Before talking about the renovation cost, let’s talk about the importance of kitchen renovation. Though it costs a lot of money, people still renovate their kitchen anyway. So, there must be important reasons for that. And here are some reasons.

1. Kitchen Start To Deteriorating

When you use a kitchen for a long time, it’s no wonder that there are applicants that show a sign of deterioration. If you still use them then it will truly break down. 

Using a deteriorating kitchen, of course, won’t be satisfying and only become an obstacle. That is why you need to renovate the kitchen. 

2. Get a Fresh Appearance

Sometimes, people want to renovate the kitchen because it’s boring to have the same kitchen all of this time. The change in the kitchen’s appearance can affect one’s happiness and well-being.  And in an indirect way, it also affects health.

3. Increase the Value

Rather than an outdated kitchen, a brand new and modern kitchen surely has more value. If you intend to sell your house someday, then renovate your kitchen may be a wise idea. After all, a kitchen condition will affect the buyer’s decision.

The Cost of Kitchen Renovation

After you decide to renovate your kitchen, you should calculate how much a kitchen renovation cost. This should be done so you can adjust your budget well. By having the cost calculated you can avoid buying meaningless things and keep your budget in check.

Generally, the cost of renovating the kitchen is about $12,000 to $34,000. The bigger your kitchen then the more money you need to spend to renovate it. 

For a small kitchen, the average cost to renovate it is $5,000 to $20,000. As for a large kitchen, you can spend $30,000 to $60,000 as a cost to renovate it. 

The kitchen renovation cost covers all of the renovations elements such as design fees, installation, appliances, and ventilation, cabinetry and hardware, countertops, lighting, flooring, doors, and windows, wall, and ceilings, faucet, and plumbing, and the other.

Most of the budget will go to the cabinetry and hardware, while the least go to the other elements that may come unpredicted. For the cabinetry only you can spend about $6,000. And for the installation, it costs about $4,000. 

Renovation of the kitchen may not an urgent matter however you have to do it. Before you start to renovate your kitchen, first, you should determine how much a kitchen renovation cost. Then after that, let’s renovate your kitchen.