Nursery paint ideas neutral

Nursery Paint Ideas Neutral, Choose The Right Color To Welcome The Baby

Soon, there will be a baby in your life. But for now, you still don’t know whether your baby is a girl or boy. So, what should you do for the nursery? What is the color that matches both genders? That’s right. It is a neutral color. When painting the nursery with a neutral color, whether your baby boy or girl won’t be a problem. These colors match all gender. And so, for you who will welcome your child, here are nursery paint ideas neutral. 

Nursery paint ideas neutral

1. A Combination of Grey, Red, and Coral

Choosing a neutral nursery sometimes can be confusing. That’s why with the nursery paint ideas neutral, you won’t be confused anymore. When you don’t know yet what is the gender of your baby, you can use a neutral color to paint the nursery. Try to choose the combination of grey, red and coral.

For a more artistic look, make them into a pattern. Explore your creativity to make the nursery become lovely and gentle. And don’t forget to feature the neutral color furniture.

2. Grassy Green

Do you love earthling colors? Well, this color is suited for your baby’s nursery. Regardless of the baby gender, this grassy green will be looking good. The tone of green and grey will give a masculine vibe. But with the shading of yellow color, you can add femininity to the nursery. This will make it neutral and matched both genders.

3. A, B, C So Good

There are many nursery paint ideas neutral that will well match to your baby. One of them is sticking the alphabet to the wall. This multicolors sticker looks so adorable on the wall. Alongside with the stuffed animals and other toys, it becomes better. With this alphabet sticker, you can create a simple yet adorable nursery.

4. Monochrome

Black and white are often associated with the color of the adult. But who is saying that these colors can’t be used for a baby? The monochrome color with bold pattern will make the room look modern and stylish. Do not afraid of choosing this high contrast color for your nursery for it will look well for both genders. But you can make it more adorable by adding a bold shade with yellow or red color.

5. Soft Yellow 

Looking for a color for your baby nursery? Why don’t go with soft yellow? Long a long time this color has been favorite for the parents. Soft yellow can be calming and warm. And for the parents who wait for the surprise of the baby’s born, soft yellow color is well suited for the nursery. That’s because this color is a very peaceful and fashionable color.

6. Go for Colorful with A Map

If you can not decide the color for the nursery, just go for multicolors. But then, just paint the nursery in the colors may be a little plain. So, instead of just painting use the colors to draw a world map in the room. Bet it will look very cool for both girls and boys.

If you still don’t know the gender of your baby, just choose off the nursery paint ideas neutral. With the neutral color whether your baby is a girl or boy, it will suit well for the baby. Let’s enjoy painting the nursery to welcome the baby.