Feeling For A Rustic Décor For Front Porch, Here Some Pointers

Rustic decoration is all the way if you wish for inviting décor style. Different from the other décor styles, rustic gives a warm feeling and made people feel at ease at once. Thus, the rustic décor for front porch still popular up until today. The reason is that the front porch is the first area where people step into your house.

For having the rustic feeling for the front porch is easy. You don’t have to knock yourself by going all out for decorating the front porch. Just go with the flow and you can have the rustic front porch you desired. If you don’t know what to do, we have some pointers you can use. That way, you will know where to start. Here some pointers on what you have to do for creating the rustic feeling through your front porch:

1. Put Seating

The purpose of having a rustic décor for front porch is to welcome whoever comes to your house. So, to go with that purpose, you should put seating in there. Here, there’s no exact rule on what you have to put. You can use a pair of chairs, a bench, or even an inviting sofa. Some people also choose to put a wide wooden swing, rocking chair, and even hammock.

2. Wood is the Best Choice

The concept of rustic came from the farmhouse style. That’s why if you wish to create a rustic décor for front porch, then it would be best to go with the original. For that reason, accenting the wood materials for your front porch is the real way to do it. Start with putting an old wooden shelf by the front door and a worn wooden table.

3. Stone is a Good Option

Aside from wooden materials, stone materials also give the rustic vibe. This is that most people using for materials or furniture by keeping its natural color. Thus, this natural-color will give your front porch the old vibe that rustic tries to bring out. Not to mention, back in the recent years of humankind started with housing, the stone is one of the main materials.

4. Add Flower and Plants

When talking about the natural side of the rustic, you shouldn’t forget about the plants. Putting flowers and plants for decoration is one freeway for going with rustic style. There are many options for putting flowers and plants on the front porch. Because you can put in a vase on the table, hang it over the railings, put pots on the steps, or even create a small garden right by the porch.

5. Put Some Throws

Just like mentioned above, rustic décor for front porch is about the welcoming and inviting vibe. To archive this purpose, you can add some throws – pillows or blanket, over the sitting. That way, your porch will feel warm and embracing.

The key for rustic décor for front porch is by putting the natural colors – either still in its original shape or not. Thus, by highlighting the woods, stones, and plants you will give the welcoming and inviting characters of rustic. Not to mention if your front porch is wide enough for you to put some seating, then you can have additional room for hangout.

Tips on How to Décor Stairs Look Interesting

Decorating stairs can be fun and challenging at the same time. Even though this isn’t an important part of the house, decorating the stairs to look interesting is also a must. Stairs are also a part of the house that people will normally go through every day. Therefore, decorate the stairs as interesting as possible to make it one with the design of the house. There aren’t any special tips on how to décor stairs, but make sure that it is safe. Especially if you have kids inside the house, keep the decoration simple.

However, an important thing when decorating stairways is making sure the size and accessories are enough. Don’t put too many things and adjust the decoration with the house. Remember that most stairways don’t have much room, therefore, putting too much stuff will just make it full. Therefore, here are some ways on how to décor stairs to look more interesting and larger at the same time:

1. Hang a Mirror

Mirror has always been a must-have item in each house because of its multifunction. People can use mirrors for many things and one of them is to make a place look wider. To help the stairways and house space look wider hang a mirror on one side of the wall. This will give a reflection on the other side, therefore the place will look wider. However, make sure the size of the mirror isn’t too big because it can disturb people from going through.

2. Hang Paintings

To make the stairways look more interesting and not dull add some paintings on the wall. If you have white-black stairways, then add some color by painting or photos of the family. This will help the stairway look more welcoming and friendly at the same time. Adjust the height of the painting, therefore it will look artistic too.

3. Molding

If you are not into paintings and photos, then design your stairways using molds on the stair. Different shape molds on walls can make the walls look more classic and modern. Try choosing a different color for the mold so the stairs look more alive and different. You don’t have to build too much mold on the wall, just a few will make the stairs look different.

4. Color the stairs

One the easiest way on how to décor stairs is by coloring the stairs with colorful colors. They don’t have to be colorful, but don’t let it be just one color. Add some patterns on a side of the stairs like adding dots or butterflies. This simple decoration will change the whole decoration.

5. Wall Treatment/ Wallpaper

No painting or photo on the wall is ok but add a wallpaper or treatment on the walls of the stair. Brick patterns or white box patterns are simple kinds of patterns people can apply to their walls. If your stairs are plain, then choose a pattern wall. On the other hand, choose a simple one if there is a pattern on the stairs.

The ways on how to décor stairs are a bit tricky and difficult, especially if they make the stairs look smaller. Therefore, make sure to choose the right color and size. Always measure the size of walls and wide of the stairs to make sure it all fits.

Creative Inspirations Porch Wall Decor to Follow

Your outside house is as same important as the inside. So, you need to concern about the design too. One of the outside parts you should aware of is the porch. If you realize the importance of the porch, you won’t think the porch is only an outside part. It is an entrance to your house. In this article, you will find several ideas of porch wall decor that surely make the nuance more interesting.

It is not really hard to change the porch wall decor. Some people adjust it based on the celebration day, public event, or the season. But if you don’t have much time, it is okay to apply only one design for the long-term. There are lots of ideas that use certain accessories until the wall-painting. Whatever it is, just decide what you want to do, your taste, and the final look. May the ideas below can ease your plan:

1. House Number

It is the most common idea that people do. They hang on the house number there. Several are showing the owner’s name, such as Mr and Mrs George or anything. Actually, this idea eases the postman once he has something to deliver to you. You can use a planter box, wooden board, and many more.

2. Dream Catcher

Besides the house number, some people also hang the dream catcher in front of their house. Many various designs of this, you can choose based on the size, the color, and the model too. Even it is believed to prevent a bad dream, the dream catcher is also great for the decoration.

3. LED-Wall Lamp

If you want a different look, you can try to install the LED-wall lamp. Indeed, it won’t appear in the morning until the afternoon. But wait in the evening and at night, your porch wall will look amazing. If you have a little more budget, you can choose the outstanding lamp design. Because the more artistic, of course, the more costly.

4. Old Window Frame

Do you have an unused old window frame? Hold on, don’t throw it because you can hang it on your porch wall. Do a little touch, like repair the paint or combine it with plants. It will be interesting and unique. When people use pot to place the plant as a little vertical garden, you are able to craft the frame for the plant.

5. Greetings or Quote

Make everyone who visits your home blessed and happy since they are at the entrance. You can hang on a medium or big board, then write a greeting there. You can choose several languages as a variation. Or, you can pick one or two quotes, then write there. It doesn’t always have a wooden board. Using the chalkboard is worth to try, moreover, if you want to change the words anytime.

When the porch wall decor is done, you can move to the other important elements of a room, which are the light and the color combination. Don’t be afraid if you want to play with some colors. But make sure that it is still proper to welcome your guest.