cheap living room decorating ideas

6 Cheap Living Room Decorating Ideas You Should Try

Decorating a living room is not hard to do. If you have some artistic senses, it could be a fun activity. But sometimes the problem is about the budget. Hence, you need to find some cheap living room decorating ideas so it doesn’t cost you too much. And you are lucky. Here are 6 ideas you can try to make your living room feels more comfortable and pleasant. Let’s check it out!

1. Use Recycled Vase and Artificial Flower

Buying a new vase maybe not too expensive. But what is wrong if you can do it yourself with the recycled material? Utilize an old mug is a good choice, so it is a bamboo piece.

Then, put the artificial flower into the vase. It would last longer. Using a real flower will require you to change it as soon as it is withered. So, you know how much you will spend on the flower.

2. Put Family Photos

Family photos are decent things to expose in the living room. You can take a picture of all family members then print it on the large size. The picture from the special moment is also a good idea. The wedding or graduation photos are common to put.

Just give it a frame and hang it on the nail. Not only one moment, but you can also put some of the different moments. However, still consider the layout so that it doesn’t mess.

3. Put a Painting or Calligraphy

Besides photos, you can also put a painting or calligraphy as a wall decoration. Landscape painting, such as the rice field or waterfall could give a calm impression. Yet, you can also put the abstract painting if you don’t like the landscape one.

For you who prefer writing art as decoration, calligraphy is the answer. Not just ordinary writing, in calligraphy the writing could be shaped to any form. Bored with Latin letters? Just try the Arabic or Japanese calligraphy.

4. Use Decorative Lights

There are many kinds of decorative lights you can use to adorn your living room. If you like modern things, a tree floor lamp may interest you. With a trunk and several branches that adjust the number of lights, it would look so aesthetic.

For you who want to give some more vintage impression, choose a chandelier that hung above the ceiling. The pendant type is also good. It is a little like the chandelier, but with a simpler design.

5. Put a Multifunctional Storage Cabinet 

You must not want your living room being messy by the pile of things. It is the purpose of putting a storage cabinet there. You can choose the place in the corner to make it looks more organized.

The storage cabinet doesn’t have to be big, but it should be multifunctional. Choose the one that has some doors and drawers. You can store some old magazines or books to reread. 

It is better if the storage cabinet also has some open rack. So, you can display something like souvenir glass, decorative urn or any other handmade.

6. Use Waterproof Tablecloth

Anything could happen on the table. One of the most possible is the spilled water. Therefore, sure it would be easier for you to clean it if the tablecloth is waterproof. Plastic is a common material. But there is PVC that also waterproof.

This is the example of the cheap living room decorating ideas. But don’t feel like it would look cheap as the price. Nowadays, there are tablecloths with any theme you can choose to help your table looks more elegant.

The cheap living room decorating ideas are around us. And the ideas above could inspire you to actualize your dream living room. Happy decorating!