Best Galley Kitchen Design Ideas, The Way to Make best kitchen

Kitchen galley is one of the kitchens’ favorite style. It is well-suited for a small house as it’s compact and does not require a large space. Although small, there are tricks to make kitchen galley looks more lovely. And that’s the design. So, let’s take a peek at best galley kitchen design ideas.

1. Smooth Galley Kitchen

For the kitchen which has a small size, sleek modern unit is a good choice. It is because the glossy kitchen cabinets will give an impact on more space. As the kitchens’ size is small, choose the handless cupboard to keep minimal area.

The minimalist yet streamlined galley kitchen is the best side of this design idea. Everything that exists in the kitchen has to be a minimalist. That including the worktops that free from the mess and the integrating appliances.

2.”Eat in” Galley Kitchen

Want to know the best galley kitchen design ideas that suit your room the most? Then, why don’t you look at the eat-in galley kitchen? Be it a small or large kitchen, this galley kitchen is suited it.  That’s because it maximizes the space and its potential. 

It is called eat-in galley kitchen for there is a breakfast bar in the entrance. And so, after finish cooks breakfast, you can bring it to the bar. After that, you can eat your food calmly in the narrow space if your kitchen.

3. Two-Tone Galley Kitchen

Most of the galley kitchen has one color for the cabinet and shelves. That’s because one color makes your kitchen seems bigger. But it’s worth to try something new. It is a two-tone galley kitchen. 

You can try to mix light and dark tones in your kitchen. Keep it in a similar color to make it cooler. And don’t forget to add a cabinet with a mirror to give an impression of more space. With that, at least you will not feel cramped when going to the kitchen.

4. Single Galley Kitchen

Usually, the galley kitchen consists of two cabinets that face each other. But for a small kitchen, the arrange of the cabinet will take up space. As a result, the kitchen will feel cramped. So, single galley kitchen is the best galley kitchen design ideas for a small kitchen 

As the cabinet is just on one side, you can make use of the free space for storage and the light. Choose a pale color for your galley kitchen. And with the reflective surface, the skylight will go to maximum power.

5. All White Galley

For the kitchen which has a small space, all white galley can be the right design of the galley kitchen. Although white is the basic color, in the right hand it can be such dazzling color. It can make your kitchen look bright. And with some ornaments such as soft voile, foliage, and small appliance, your galley kitchen will be seen as a simple but practical kitchen.

As an important part of the house, the kitchen design must plan rather carefully. Choosing from the best galley kitchen design ideas will make you feel comfortable when going to the kitchen. So, what kind of design ideas will you choose?