Tips on How to Décor Stairs Look Interesting

Decorating stairs can be fun and challenging at the same time. Even though this isn’t an important part of the house, decorating the stairs to look interesting is also a must. Stairs are also a part of the house that people will normally go through every day. Therefore, decorate the stairs as interesting as possible to make it one with the design of the house. There aren’t any special tips on how to décor stairs, but make sure that it is safe. Especially if you have kids inside the house, keep the decoration simple.

However, an important thing when decorating stairways is making sure the size and accessories are enough. Don’t put too many things and adjust the decoration with the house. Remember that most stairways don’t have much room, therefore, putting too much stuff will just make it full. Therefore, here are some ways on how to décor stairs to look more interesting and larger at the same time:

1. Hang a Mirror

Mirror has always been a must-have item in each house because of its multifunction. People can use mirrors for many things and one of them is to make a place look wider. To help the stairways and house space look wider hang a mirror on one side of the wall. This will give a reflection on the other side, therefore the place will look wider. However, make sure the size of the mirror isn’t too big because it can disturb people from going through.

2. Hang Paintings

To make the stairways look more interesting and not dull add some paintings on the wall. If you have white-black stairways, then add some color by painting or photos of the family. This will help the stairway look more welcoming and friendly at the same time. Adjust the height of the painting, therefore it will look artistic too.

3. Molding

If you are not into paintings and photos, then design your stairways using molds on the stair. Different shape molds on walls can make the walls look more classic and modern. Try choosing a different color for the mold so the stairs look more alive and different. You don’t have to build too much mold on the wall, just a few will make the stairs look different.

4. Color the stairs

One the easiest way on how to décor stairs is by coloring the stairs with colorful colors. They don’t have to be colorful, but don’t let it be just one color. Add some patterns on a side of the stairs like adding dots or butterflies. This simple decoration will change the whole decoration.

5. Wall Treatment/ Wallpaper

No painting or photo on the wall is ok but add a wallpaper or treatment on the walls of the stair. Brick patterns or white box patterns are simple kinds of patterns people can apply to their walls. If your stairs are plain, then choose a pattern wall. On the other hand, choose a simple one if there is a pattern on the stairs.

The ways on how to décor stairs are a bit tricky and difficult, especially if they make the stairs look smaller. Therefore, make sure to choose the right color and size. Always measure the size of walls and wide of the stairs to make sure it all fits.