storage ideas for toys in living room

Storage Ideas For Toys in Living Room You Can Make

Having kids in the house means being ready to have toys and games everywhere in the house. Because toys and kids are two things that can’t be separated. However, some people just need the house clean and neat. If you are one of these people, then make storage where the kids can easily get the toys. Therefore, after playing with the toys, they can put the toys back into the storage. Choose some storage ideas for toys in living room that can make the house look pretty but also safe for kids.

Kids love to play with other people, therefore it is better to also make storage in the living room. You can make storage that can be a place for the toys but also a decoration for the house. Many people must be thinking that adding storage will make the house full. And it will be pricey because they need to buy additional storage in the house. Well, don’t worry just with the storage in your house, you can make good storage. Here are some storage ideas for toys in living room that you can make in your house:

1. Shelves

If you have a book shelve in your house, why not make it toy storage for the living room. You can use the top side for books and the bottom part for the toys. To make it look pretty, you can put the toys in a pretty box. Then put the box on the bottom part of the shelves, so you can still use the other for books. This way you don’t need to add additional storage in your living room. And your house can still look clean and beautiful at the same time.

2. PVC Pipes for Cars

Smalls can be everywhere if you have a small boy in the house. One of the ways to keep your house neat is by making a PVC parking lot for cars. Cut PVC pipes into short pieces and pile them up into one. You can either glue them as one or gather them as one in a wood box. Then put the cars in each pipe to make it look neat. You can put this box in a corner of the house. This way, your toys lot will look like a decoration in the house.

3. Swing

Have many dolls in the house and don’t have any space to keep them? Well, try to make your storage swing hanging in the living room. All you need is some woods and a rope to combine the woods. After you combine them, put the dolls on the swing and to make it look neat.

4. Plastic Organizer

Another brilliant storage ideas for toys in living room is a plastic organizer. Usually, people use this for their accessories, but you can them for your kid’s toys. Put one toy in one plastic bag so you can get them easily. This idea is cheap but will make your toys clean and easy to get.

5. Buckets

The next cheap idea that you can use for toy storage is plastic buckets. Rather than using them in the bathroom, you can make them put your kid’s toys. Buy a few buckets and make them one to make it more artistic. To make it more pretty, buy different colors of buckets to combine.

So, making your house neat from toys doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Choose simple and easy storage ideas for toys in living room that you can make on your own. Also, try to maximize the things in your house rather than buying one.